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An Evolution

Our Story

DC Beverage is an organization built on the strong foundations of best friends Colin Harter and Matthew Weese. Growing up in Sonoma County and being surrounded by beautiful vineyards and terrain inspired them to successfully launch an array of spirit and wine brands. It was a natural next step to become a distributor of fine spirits and wine with a focus on California produced products.

But DC Beverage is more than just your standard distributor ­— we distribute but we also incubate ­— launching brands from an idea scribbled on a cocktail napkin to label design to putting bottles on the shelf. We execute brands holistically, paying attention to every detail.

We strive for excellence and set the bar high for ourselves, our team, and our brands. 

Only the Best

Our Brands

For DC Beverage, people and relationships are paramount. Shared values serve as a common thread, bringing each brand in our portfolio together. 

Interested in Working with Us?

For new inquires contact info@dcbev.com or 707.849.7484.